Why Custom Painted Shoes Are Such A Cool Trend

This is the next big thing in the fashion world. These shoes are so unique and can incorporate anything that you can imagine. You get to incorporate YOUR personality into your footwear. What's cooler than that?

The shoes can be customized for literally everything: seasons, holidays, sports, tv shows, movies... you get the gist and almost any type of shoe can be -and have been- painted.

Another cool aspect of it is that most of the shoes are either hand painted, and if they're not stencils are used. But, either way, a lot of work goes into them. They are definitely worth it though.

Artists are finding a big profit in selling custom painted shoes since there is a growing market for these shoes as more and more people are discovering this trend. It's good to support the small businesses that do this for a living. They get to do what they love and create what you love, so why not help them live out that dream?

Etsy is a great place to find a lot of custom painted shoes and Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for painting shoes. I'm absolutely obsessed.

Some artists take requests and that's really cool because then you really have a shoe designed for you. Some artists sell painted shoes but don't take requests and that's still really cool because you can still get a shoe that expresses who you are and what you like.

It's also a cool project for those who like to be creative. It's not really expensive and it's even better if you like the end result because then you can also wear them out in public! You'll also need different stuff depending on the shoe and material.

Here's a couple of small businesses that I really like:

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