What's A Mood Board?

Updated: Feb 18

I've recently gotten into making mood boards and I have discovered that not only is it one of the most relaxing things to do, it also boosts creativity and has increased my mood drastically if I'm having a bad day. Just 10/10 all around.

You may be asking: What is a mood board? A mood board is a collage of ideas and concepts with text, textures, pictures, stickers, color, and anything else that you feel like adding. The main purpose of a mood board is to guide and inspire. For me, a mood board has become more of a mood reset, letting the creativity and emotion take over and inspire me. They are also used to set goals, start a project, and communicate concepts. I just like using them as a form of art therapy though.

The process alone of making a mood board is therapeutic. Very relaxing. Mood boards can be digital or physical, it's up to the creator. I personally prefer digital just because it's less messy and I feel I am able to do more digitally than I could physically.