What Actually Is Tarot?

There is a lot of negativity surrounding tarot cards and everyone's feelings towards them are valid whether one likes them or not and even whether one believes they work or not. Tarot isn't for everyone and that's ok. The subject fascinates me and also tends to get a bad reputation so let's talk about it.

What is it? To be blunt tarot is a guide. It shows situations, almost like a vision beyond what you can see or predict. In order to make better decisions on matters, it can be very helpful to have a broader perspective as the cards don't necessarily predict the future but rather illustrates an outcome likely to happen. It's a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, giving advice, guidance, and answers.

Tarot is thought to have been around for thousands of years yet no one really knows where or when it came from as there are theories from many time periods and many places it could have originated from. Although you don't need to know where it came from to use it, it is interesting so I'm giving it an honorable mention.

The earliest the cards have been found is the fifteenth century and it is believed that it was used for entertainment such as a card game. Others in earlier history used them to tell stories and write poems. They were used for both fortune-telling and games throughout history. By the seventeenth century, people really began using the cards similarly to