Ways to Practice Self Care Everyday

Self care is important for one's all around health, healing the mind, body, and soul. It's about taking care of yourself in such a way that you start to heal all aspects of yourself, inside and out. It's honestly really easy to practice and you can do it in little ways everyday. Self care is all about doing things that are good for you and will better yourself in the future.


Let's talk about all the ways that you can practice self care everyday that will have you feeling great. Also fun fact, I do all of these, they're super simple and you can just pick a couple to do each day.

  • Drink water

  • Eat your favorite food

  • Read or listen to music

  • Watch your favorite movie or tv show

  • Take a warm bath or shower

  • Start a skincare routine or spend extra time on the one you have

  • Hangout with friends

  • Go for a walk

  • Go on a drive and listen to music

  • Meditate

  • Morning and evening stretches

  • Make some tea

  • Take care of plants or get plants

  • Journal your thoughts and emotions

  • Make a bucket list

  • Make to do lists

  • Invest in hobbies or get hobbies

  • Do creative things that you enjoy

  • Clean your room or house

  • Cleanse the space around you

  • Do the laundry that you've been putting off

Drink Water

I have a friend that has the motto: Sad? Drink water. Not feeling good? Drink water. Having a bad day? Drink water. Just feeling down? Drink water.

I never really understood how water could improve someone's mood... that is until I started drinking water. I used to absolutely live off of soda and milkshakes, not good I know. Drinking water -at least for me- has boosted my energy, helped me wake up in the morning, and improved my mood as well as my overall health.

Eat Your Favorite Food

You can not tell me that you don't feel good when you eat your all time favorite food. Don't think about calories, don't think about diets, just eat. Think about the flavors and how they make you feel.

Read or Listen To Music

Reading is a great way to escape as is listening to music. Allowing yourself to dive into the stories being told in both written and lyrical form is a great way to get away from the real world, even if it's for only 5 minutes.

Watch Your Favorite Movie or TV Show

Sometimes after a hard day I just need a night of binge watching my all time favorite movies. And sometimes I like to binge watch a season or two of a show that I've never seen before.

Take A Warm Bath or Shower

I personally do my best thinking in the shower and what's more relaxing than a warm bath? This is one of the most essential ways to clean not only your body but also your mind and soul. So grab that bath bomb, light some candles, put in some bubbles, and go relax.

Focus On Your Skincare

Not only does a good skincare routine have the power to make you feel great, it has the power to make you look great. It is the fastest way to wake you up in the morning. Once that cold water hits your face you automatically wake up. Spending extra time on your skin care routine is relaxing as well as soothing. If you don't have a skin care routine I recommend starting one.

Hangout With Friends

Spending time with people who you care about is good for the soul. Take some time to catch up with your friends and family, surrounding yourself with love and support.

Go For A Walk or A Drive

Both walking and driving around is a good way to clear your head. I like to listen to music, jamming out and just walking or driving to nowhere in particular. When I'm driving just to clear my head I like to pick a direction to head towards it just seeing the sights.

Meditate/ Stretching

Clearing one's mind and letting things go is a big part of both and they are also very relaxing. When meditating, I like to listen to guided meditations because I personally an not clear my mind very easily and listening to the words and what they are telling me to do helps a lot. Stretching is very relaxing and also very good for one's health as it loosens up your muscles. I try to stretch when I wake up in the morning and also before going to bed.

Make Some Tea

Although I live in the South, I don't like sweet tea or unsweet at that. But, I do like herbal tea and I would recommend it as it relaxes me and makes me feel good. I buy herbs such as lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and more. I put the herb or herbs in a coffee filter cup and brew it just like I was brewing a cup of coffee and then I put honey in it. Also pro tip, if you can't go to sleep, brew some herbal tea, works wonders.

Take Care of Plants/ Get Plants

I can not express how much I am addicted to buying and taking care of my plants. I like to think there's a cycle to having plants: you buy your first plant and it does really well, so then you buy another and the cycle goes on and on and on. You can never go wrong with having too many plants, they increase the oxygen in the air around you so and you get to watch as they grow. For me, when I see my plants doing good, it makes me feel really good. So if you're in a funk, go spend some extra time with your plants or go get some plants. Now some of you may be thinking, "I'm terrible with plants" or " I can't keep anything alive". Succulents and cacti are gonna be your go-to plants because they are super low maintenance. Just put them in the sunlight and water them like every two weeks and they're good.

Journal Your Thoughts & Emotions

Writing things out has helped me to filter through my thoughts and the feelings from day to day. I like to write down one thing i'm grateful for every day which has kept me very grounded. You don't have to start a diary, I just have a journal that has simple things like a list of things I can control, one thing i'm grateful for each day, quotes, and how I felt that day. Journaling for me has been very therapeutic so I definitely would recommend. It takes very little to no time at all to journal so you could do it everywhere which is a big plus.

Make A Bucket List

Fun Fact: starting a blog was actually on my bucket list so I'm very glad I was able to check it off. I like to make bucket lists that take me out of my comfort zone but also are things I would enjoy looking back and remembering. I also like to make a new one each year as they are all different and special to that year. There is no identical bucket list out there so get creative.

Make To-Do Lists

To-Do lists have saved me from forgetting my plans from day to day which is helpful because I walk into places and forget what I came for. There is just something so satisfying about checking each task off and my days are way less stressful when I plan them out the night before. Just very good for the mind all around.

Invest In Hobbies or Get Hobbies

Hobbies are good when trying to stay busy and be productive. I personally have had several hobbies such as photography, drawing, reading, playing soccer and gardening. I like staying busy and it makes each day jam packed. You could have a hobby that you just do ona certain day or every now and again that you enjoy doing. Those are the best kind in my opinion.

Do Creative Things That You Enjoy

Being creative is not only good for relaxing and clearing one's mind but it is also very good for the soul.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning can seem like a hassle or a chore but think about how great you feel after it's done. You can start off small and clean in little parts or you can spend an entire day doing it, it all depends on the person. Cleansing the space around you is also very therapeutic when getting rid of negative energy. You can use incense or crystals or essential oils to cleanse your space. I prefer incense myself as I just feel that it works best for me.

Do The Laundry That You've Been Putting Off

Just do it, you'll thank yourself later.


I hope these suggestions helped give you some ideas on ways that you can practice self care everyday. Make self care a priority and take care of yourself :)

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