Songs That Are Just A Vibe

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These are my favorite songs at the moment and so some of them are really random but equally all are a vibe -especially on a rainy day in the car. Just turn the playlist up and let go of all your daily frustrations.

Mariners Apartment Complex - Lana Del Rey

Kind of a slow, sad beat but very chill and satisfying. It also has a great message about losing your way that I love. Lana Del Rey's voice is so nice to listen to so it's a 12/10 all around for this song.

Daisies - Katy Perry

This song is very upbeat and about overcoming the obstacles that keep you from reaching your dreams. The lyrics are easy to remember also as the song is very catchy and it has a great message. It's such a cool song, 11/10.

2002 - Anne-Marie

Another upbeat song that reminisces the summer of 2002. It's a love song about young love and it illustrates the growing up of two people and their relationship. It's so nice to listen to even if you don't listen to the lyrics, 10/10.

July - Noah Cyrus

It's kind of slow and pretty sad but it's so good. The song is about a breakup and how the relationship was toxic but she was afraid of change. This song is very sad but good for a good therapeutic cry here and there. 11/10.

Witches - Alice Phoebe Lou

Upbeat, good for head bopping. Lou's voice is so nice and this song is so good for reading outside on a spring or summer day or driving around running errands on a beautiful, productive way. The lyrics are a bit odd but still 11/10.

The Magician - Dizzy

Starts off kind of slow but is upbeat. The lyrics are very cool as is the beat. It's a song that you'll have to experience and listen to for yourself- don't worry, it's well worth it. 12/10 because I just resonate with it heavily.

Poetry & Stars - Brooke Sierra

Very upbeat and happy. It's about a lonely girl who misses her love but the beat and the tempo are happy. It's a bop and very cute so I suggest it, 9/10. I love the message itself because it's so beautiful and beautifully written and Sierra's voice is beautiful. The song itself can be a bit repetitive.

Memo Blue - Alina Baraz

Very very slow beginning, gives listening to a record on a record player type vibes. Perfect for a rainy day. The piano playing in the background is so cool and the sound of the song is also very unique. It's also a very very short song, 9/10.

just like magic - Ariana Grande

Such an upbeat song and an absolute bop, very modern pop but in a good way for once. I love this song and the messages in the song as it has multiple. 10/10 because it is perfect for any mood.

Crystal - Stevie Nicks

A great guitar moment at the beginning. This song is beautiful and I suggest listening to it at least once in your life. The song is like five minutes long but its very serene and calming. It's also a song that you'll have to experience for yourself - highly recommend 8/10.

Manic Pixie Dream - Chloe Lilac

The beat is so nice. The lyrics will not be for everyone but it's very edgy teenager and hippie vibes so just be warned if that's not a vibe you care for I would skip it. I like it though, 8/10. It's a fun song to dance to.

A Little Wicked - Valerie Broussard

I just love this song. It's a very empowering song and I love singing it. It's a big vibe. Also the sound is unique in itself. There's snapping and clapping and such and the singing sounds so cool. There's a very empowering message about a woman reclaiming her power. 12/10 because I love it. It's great for sunset and nighttime driving.

Castle - Halsey

This is another song that has such a unique sound. Halsey also has such a unique voice that I love. It's just a cool song to listen to and easy to learn. This is another song of a woman reclaiming her power and I love that. 10/10.

Famous Flower of Manhattan - The Avett Brothers

This song has a different vibe from the other songs, this song is more bluegrass. It is such a beautiful song about love. The Avett Brothers are such great songwriters and this is my favorite song that they've written. It's slow and wholesome and a bit sad but overall 11/10.

Wait by the River - Lord Huron

Very slow but a cool sound overall. I just really like the song so I incorporated it into the playlist. It's kind of repetitive but it's not bad. A cool song to play in the background of a romantic dinner. It's a vibe, 7/10.

Comment some of your favorite songs below and tell me if you liked any of the songs that I mentioned!

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