Nine Ways To Stay Productive Day-To-Day

Sometimes it's hard to feel productive and even be productive but that's normal. I personally always feel the need to be productive but actually being productive can seem like a chore or a hassle when I'm not motivated or am just feeling a bit lazy. I've come up with nine ways to be productive as well as stay productive that have significantly helped me.

  • Semi-plan out the day

  • Make to-do lists

  • Divide your time into sections

  • Make time for one main thing that you want to accomplish

  • Multi-task your habits

  • Take small rests

  • Take a power nap

  • Focus on goals and how you can incorporate them today

  • Journal or keep a planner

Semi-plan out the day

Ok, so obviously you can't plan for everything that's going to happen on that day and why would you? That would be boring. However, you can plan out what all you need to get done and around what times you want them to be done at.

You can do this in your head to get an idea of how you need to structure your day. You can also write it down if that would help you to visualize and map it out.

Make to-do lists

Make a list of everything you want to get done today and include what's most critical and what's least critical so you can go ahead and get the most critical done first and go from there.

This is helpful for remembering what all you need to get done and what needs to be done first. I would recommend physically writing your to-do list but you can always type it in your notes on your phone or set reminders. It's just so satisfying checking off each task you complete.

It helps me to stay motivated as I love when the entire list is checked off -it's just such a great feeling and I always feel like I've been more productive.

Divide your time into sections

Try and think of time as sections and break up what you want to have done in a time frame. I recommend this so much. What I do is if I need to be somewhere at a certain time then I calculate how many hours I have to get stuff done from the time I wake up until the time that I have to be somewhere.

An example would be that if I had to be at work at eleven o'clock and I woke up at eight o'clock then that gives me three hours to be as productive as possible. Then I may even break that down into hours like in the first hour I want to have eaten, showered, and gotten ready; in the second hour I want to have thought of and started a blog post or just worked on the website itself; in the third hour I want to have made some bath bombs. I could continue to break down that first hour such as in the first fifteen minutes I want to have eaten, I want to have showered thirty minutes after, I want to have gotten ready in that last fifteen minutes.

It's just very helpful and makes me feel super productive and even makes me actually be super productive.

Make time for one main thing

If being productive is something that you struggle with make time for one main thing. Doing one major productive thing each day is being productive. Whether it's cleaning your house, making something, doing a project that you've been procrastinating or something totally different, make some time for it and get it done.

Multi-task habits

Multi-tasking is another key of productivity as you can accomplish more in less time. You can write your to-do list while you eat or you can semi-plan out your day in the shower because the best thinking is done in the shower and it cannot be proven otherwise.

Doing this will reinforce good habits and increase productivity as you do it everyday and get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Take small rests periodically

If you take small rests every now and again then you won't get burnt out as quickly and you can resume productivity. If you're all go-go-go then there's more of a chance that you will become less productive overall. I like to spend maybe around fifteen minutes watching tv and once I'm feeling ready to be more productive then I continue. I experience burnout a lot so this really helps me to continue being productive throughout the day.

This may not be necessary if you aren't doing anything that's super taxing but everyone is different so listen to what your body tells you.

Take a power nap

I take a power nap almost everyday. It's beneficial if you are both a night and a morning person. I personally like to stay up late but I also like to wake up early so I incorporate a power nap. I set a timer on my phone for an hour or two and wake up when the timer goes off.

This keeps me energized for the remainder of the day and allows me to get everything done that I both need and want to without feeling like total crap.

Focus on goals and how you can incorporate them today

Think about both your short and long term goals. Now think about how you can incorporate them into what you do today. If you have a goal to lose weight, include more walking that day or do a quick workout before bed.

It doesn't have to be super time consuming, just find little ways to include the goals that you want to achieve.

Keep a journal or a planner

By keeping a journal or a planner you can store all your to-do lists and goals and can also keep track of your productivity.

I keep a planner for the blog and write down both what I want to accomplish that day and what I did that day so that if I did something extra that I didn't plan on I can still see that and keep track of what I did that day for the blog and/or the website itself. I highly recommend it. I also use sticky notes to put ideas and my goals in there. Many planners have spaces for you to write notes and you can incorporate those in that section as well.

*Note: Understand that it's important to have you time and to have "lazy days" because self care is essential and it's also very important for your health.*


Here's a recap that you can download if you would like:


Comment down below how you stay productive and let me know if this article helps!

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