My May Goals

Because we are entering into a new month, I feel the need to include you in my journey of personal growth and step one includes setting goals for myself and sharing them to hold me more accountable in following through with them. So with that, let's dive into what i want to accomplish in May.

  • I will have read four personal growth books, that's one book a week which I think is very do-able depending on my schedule and how long the books are. I find personal growth books helpful, not everyone does and that's okay but for me they work the knowledge into my mindset and I can grasp the information better reading it in a book than from hearing it from someone in conversation.

  • I will have written at least four blog posts about my journey, that's at least one blog post a week which is also do-able. I want to be more active on the blog than I have been in the past as well as share about mental health and the journey it entails to improve it.

  • I will have promoted the blog sufficiently as I want to pursue a career in writing. Making myself known to the blogging community as well as the mental health community could help me move forward in a long term goal of being a professional writer that can profit off of my words.

You don't have to have a ton of goals in order to stay productive and goal-oriented. A few that are reachable are reasonable to accomplish in a month rather than a long list that's going to leave you stressed and experiencing burnout.

Comment down below some of your goals for the new month as well as why you chose those goals (Good luck, I believe in you!) :

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