How To Find Your Go-To Style

A big part of style itself is how people use their clothes to express themselves. So let's dive into finding your Go-To style and what you want your clothes to say about you.

I have created 5 super simple steps to figuring out your individual style.

Step One: Make A Style Inspired Mood Board

Before you go buying an entire new wardrobe, put together some of your favorite colors and looks that inspire you.

This is the foundation of finding the styles that speak to you the most. It's free as well as very helpful to narrow down what you're really looking for.

Make sure to put your personality into it as it is YOUR style and YOUR self expression.

Here's an example below:

Step Two: Take To Pinterest And See Styles That Interest You

Ok, now you have an idea of what you want, yay! Next step is heading over to pinterest to dive deeper into the style or styles that you are looking for.

This will give you more ideas of what that style incorporates and if it is really what you want. Everyone expresses themselves differently even in the same genre of fashion so Pinterest will show you how you can use the genre or genres to decide how you want to incorporate some of the things from what you have found.

Just search up the genre you are interested in. For example, I like the hippie aesthetic so that's exactly what I would search up. From there I would go through which outfits I liked and which ones I didn't. Some outfits that I didn't care too much about still had at least one piece that interested me, whether it was the shoes, or a belt, or a hat. Add the things that you like and are inspired by to a board, so you can go back to it later.

Step Three: Pick A Combination Of Different Styles That Speak To You

This is an important step because majority of people like more than one genre of style, its just expected that you'll like a bunch of different styles and the great part is that some styles complement others so pick a combination of them.

You can repeat steps one and two again if needed.

For me, I like casual, grunge, an hippie and they all work well for me. When trying to find a mix of a style just start searching for "casual grunge","casual hippie", and "grunge hippie". You can also try reversing the order in which you typed it and seeing if anything different pops up.

A piece of advice would be before continuing, make sure the styles fit your lifestyle as well as your budget (some styles can be pricier than others).

Step Four: Go To Your Closet And Pick Out Your Favorite Clothes

You don't have to break the bank when you can incorporate articles of clothes that have happy vibes and makes you feel good to wear. Going through your closet is also therapeutic. If the clothes either carry bad memories or you just don't care for them anymore, it's time to donate them.

Step Five: See How You Can Incorporate Your Clothes With Your Style Inspiration

You would be surprised by how many random pieces of clothing can fit a style. Whether it's a plain shirt that you put some style inspired pants or its your favorite shoes that work well with a style inspired dress. So just see what works and what doesn't. Trial and error is a very important part of this step.

The key is being comfortable in what you're wearing and make sure to work with the weather because if it's snowing everyday, you probably don't want to go out in shorts or a dress.

Different stores sell different styles, so keep that in mind when you are ready to go shopping for the styles that you are now fully ready to embrace.

Here's a cheat sheet that you can download:

It will also be on Instagram: @the.daily.chaos

Comment down below the styles that inspire you!

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