Affirmations That Are A Must

When I started the journey to improve my mental health, one of my first steps was to write down affirmations to remind myself to start the day off positively and they worked for me so I thought I'd share my favorites.

  • I attract energies and situations that fill me with happiness everyday. This leaves me feeling hopeful and optimistic about the day rather than anticipating 'when the shoe will drop' and assuming something bad will happen or my day will become ruined.

  • Even if I accomplish nothing today, I am worthy and loved for simply being me. I have a problem of making my productiveness equal my worthiness when in reality that's not how it should be in the slightest. I don't think I'm alone on this and everyone should tell themselves this affirmation because we all need reminders in a world where productivity seems to always factor into worthiness of the community.

  • I am a beautiful person inside and out. No one's definition of beauty matters but yours which is a concept hard to teach yourself in a beauty oriented society that focuses more on the outside than the inside. As long as you believe in your heart that your beautiful, not only on the outside but also on the inside, that's all that counts. For me, hearing myself say I'm a beautiful person means more than a complete stranger because I'm the only one that completely knows myself inside and out.

  • I feel grounded. I tell myself this affirmation when I feel anxious and it keeps my mind tethered to my body, able to rationalize situations and calm down. Sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me but for the most part it really works for me. It also helps me feel more connected with nature and less with material goods which I really like. All in all it keeps me in the moment rather than in different situations my brain comes up with that I can't control.

  • I love myself. This was a hard one for me honestly but hearing me say it to myself helps when I'm experiencing loneliness, depression, anxiety or just feeling down about myself in general. Sometimes you just need to hear it from yourself.

  • My feelings and thoughts are valid. This one I feel goes without saying but this helps me remind myself that my thoughts and feelings are actually valid and matter. Self-doubt and anxiety battles this affirmation from time to time but when you remind yourself when the negative feelings arise it seems to make them feel a little better to know that all feelings are valid in any situation and that all thoughts are valid for any situation. Usually there's a reason or situation that causes you to doubt the validity but they become validated through the affirmation.

  • It's okay to put my mental health first. I have a hard time saying no and sometimes I need to just put my mental health first but then guilt usually is accompanied by the thought of needing to say no to a person or situation. It's okay though, there's no need to feel guilty about putting what's best for you first.

  • I am enough and wanted. We all need to hear this I feel like. I say this when again the self-doubt and anxiety come rolling through. This affirmation just puts me at ease. It feels like a weight being lifted off of me whenever I hear it. This is helpful when battling depression and feeling worthless because it reminds me that I am worthy of being wanted as well as reminding me that I am enough just as I am. This affirmation eases the depressive thoughts I have about myself.

Comment down below your favorite affirmations an have a great day!

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